About Us

Walk with Derani’s as we transform appearances with our Bold,  Sophisticated , and Sexy attire. Our family owned retail store will provide an experience that will leave an everlasting impression on every customer that we encounter. Our goal is to make every shopping experience with Derani’s one that you will remember.

Our Commitment 

Derani’s commitment is not just selling you another garment, we aim to give you an experience and unique products that will make you stand out from the rest. With our unique designs by independent designers from around the world .

Let’s start the transformation.


Our Founder
Renodda Hopkins is a visionary that seeks to heal, motivate and encourage one to love themselves inside and out. She encourages  everyone  to make time for themselves and enjoy life. The vision she has for Derani’s goes beyond fashion to a life transformation. She strives to look deep into one's inner core, and pull out the best in others. She helps build self-confidence by creating stress relieving events and opportunities, that will allow her customers to love their inner and outer appearance and get through each and every day. By venturing into the world of fashion, she desires to provide a luxury shopping  experience at an affordable price.
“Shopping, pampering, relaxing and meditation helps me unwind and prepares me for my next venture”
Renodda Hopkins